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We've tried to categorize different audiences into different travel programs. There is definitely some overlap between some. You may want to have a specific retiree program as part of your alumni trip offering , or your Jewish institution may want to customize a philanthropic travel trip with "Repair the World" components. What is below is just a sampling to give you an idea of the range of trips we have done for diverse audiences. The important part- we take the time to help you discover what you will make your experience special.
Set Departures
Our tours are designed to be experiential: we want you to have a refreshing, unforgettable experience, but we also want you to get out of your comfort zone, if you’d like.
Our group departures are open to whoever can join our set departures. These trips are great for solo travelers who may be able to take time when others aren't available. Unless otherwise noted, the set departures tend to have a good mix of active outdoor adventures (hiking, biking, rafting) and cultural immersion experiences. There is a strong focus on authentic, off-the-beaten track experiences with often one-of-a-kind activities.
Custom Trips
Our mission is to bring you closer to your destination by helping you experience local color and local personalities. Talk to a prayer flag maker in Bhutan. Meet Dianne Fosse’s ranger in Rwanda, or have a special session with a true Shaman in Peru. You set the level of activity, from relaxing to challenging, and with your input about your objective--whether it’s to meet new people or strengthen corporate ties--we’ll create an itinerary that meets your expectations and creates indelible memories for you and your group. Currently we have packages to Peru, Belize, Bolivia, China, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Bhutan, Rwanda, Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil and more. Tell us where you want to go, when you want to travel, and any specific things you want to do. We’ll put together an itinerary to meet your vision. We work personally with local outfitters to make your experience an authentic one
Our special programs are designed for people who are about to retiree, or recently retired and incorporates educational and giving back opportunities to keep the mind continually challenged and to feel purposeful as well as active for the body and with a group of people in similar circumstances for social well being as well.
We also create adventures designed for former CEOs and high level executives that encourages share their knowledge and experience with eager local entrepreneurs in developing countries. As a group or as an individual, you will review the local enterprise’s initiatives, providing mentorship and practical solutions for the businesses to apply. Though this interaction with rising local entrepreneurs, your collective guidance can create leaders who will play a role in reducing poverty in their communities.
Jewish Singles
Steppin’ Out Travel started as an outdoor adventure group for single Jewish adults, and we have not forgotten our roots. Our idea was to connect a community, It was never set up as a matchmaking type trip-- we work too hard to create amazing experiences that we don't want downplayed by people focused on finding "the right one". That's not to say it doesn't happen. We know of at least 78 marriages. Therefore, our set departures are often still filled with Jewish Singles travelers, although there is no exclusivity. Our trips are not religious, although we do add Jewish traditions at appropriate moments. We also have been known to meet with Jewish communities while we travel and we do try our best to accommodate those who keep kosher and who are shomer shabbos. Generally, people come from across the country and range in age from 28 to 65.
Jewish Institutions
We work directly with Jewish educational institutions, synagogues, organizations and families who want to create meaningful trips and event swith valuable philanthropic, educational and volunteer components. Of course travel to Israel goes without saying. Our itineraries include fun, stimulating and educational experiences that also take in the history and the culture of this amazing country. In addition to adventure activities, cultural immersion and taking in historical sites, our itineraries can include harvesting for the National Food Bank (about a third of Israel's population does not have adequate food), taking disable children on an outing, serving ice cream to soldiers on an army base in the desert and so much more.
But Israel is just one choice. Other destinations can be wonderful learning experiences too. In many countries like Cuba, South Africa, Costa Rica, Morocco we can arrange meeting with the local Jewish community as well as provide once in a lifetime activities-- work with animals in South Africa, teach sports in Peru, work on a conservation project in Costa Rica.
Custom trips don't just have to be for you and your family. There are lots of different types of groups we work with- each with their own specialty
Alumni Assocations
Like any group trip, the goal is to create shared experiences to form a bond with one another as well as with the sponsoring organization. Special to Alumni Associations we focus on a shared learning and teaching experience with residents of the country we are visiting and including faculty to facilitate
Religious Institutions
Congregations have used our services to create trips to bring their communities together and often to serve others. Whether it's a mission to New Orleans or a tour to Israel, we know how to use the magic of a shared experience to form cohesiveness
Not to be exclusive or anything, but there is something powerful when women get together. And there are certain aspects of travel for women that we like to incorporate. Of course empowering one self to do something they've never done before is one thing. And doing it with the support of other women is electric. But also to allow down time, to get some guidance on life-work balance, to do a little self care are often incorporated into women's trips.. no matter the reason for the gathering.
Over the past 15 years, we have engaged in hundreds of discussions with people while leading groups throughout the world. Many are concerned that challenges with modern society prevent the next generation from understanding the personal and societal value that comes from philanthropy and volunteerism. Our goal is through events and travel to bring families together and to set an example for the next generation by doing
Do Good Adventures™, a division of Steppin’ Out Adventures, helps organizations plan and implement adventures that do good. We work with businesses, foundations, schools and non-profit organizations to create group trips, team-building events and fundraisers that help promote philanthropy and volunteerism. Our specialty is creating lasting cross-generational bonds between employees, customers, business partners and families.
Our Philanthropic Travel program, called Do Good Adventures, creates meaningful experiences through events and travel. Simply put, we plan, organize and implement adventures that do good. It is our strong belief that real-life, shared experiences is a powerful way to show members of a family or a community that it feels good to give and make a difference. The Do Good Adventures programs help support important values and enhance family/community connections through fun and meaningful experiences. In a world swamped with technology, families are searching for authentic ways to connect together as well as show the next generation what it means to give back.

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Travel Insurance: The best you can do to prepare for the unexpected. Whether you're signing up for our trip or others, or just traveling on your own, be protected
Not sure whether to travel? We have you covered. This one also covers you if you get or are exposed to COVID right before or during your trip.
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