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December 2020

Meet the Steppin Out Staff

The Steppin Out Staff is excited to celebrate the New Year. Each of our staff members has different traditions and ways of celebrating the holiday.


She celebrates New Year's Eve with her family and friends in Peru. Traditions such as wearing yellow underwear, eating grapes, coins, and carrying empty suitcases are just some of the important elements in the New Years' celebrations. 

"When the night arrived, just before midnight, we rushed to put on our yellow underwear and put a coin in our shoes," she states. 

Wearing yellow symbolizes the desires of happiness and luck. The coin placed in shoes would give financial fortune in the New Year. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, Carmen and her family all celebrate together. 

Furthermore, each adult gathers thirteen grapes and rushes under a table. They announce each month of the year and eat a grape for each month. Bumbling or dropping any grape would result in bad luck for that month of the year. If everything was done correctly, the adults eat thirteenth to ensure a great upcoming year.  

"As a child, it was hilarious to watch all the adults under the tables. But it was something normal to me and it was a sign that I needed to get ready for the next activity," Carmen states. 

Another important New Year's celebration for Carmen in Peru is carrying suitcases around town. 

"I often sought adventure and travel as a kid so we gathered our empty suitcases and walked around the block. As we walked, the kids would race and the parents would wish all our neighbors a prosperous new year. The streets were likely and filled with celebration. As we arrived home, we felt prepared and excited for the new year to come." 


She and her family in Brazil ring in the new year with their own traditions. 

In Brazil, it is custom to dress in all white, for peace and harmony. However, some people do wear certain colors for particular good wishes for the new year. Blue symbolizes friendship and prosperity. Green grants good health. Pink or red indicates love and passion for the upcoming year. Yellow means money and good luck. 

In addition to clothing, there are other Brazilian traditions Clara and her family do. 

A big part of the New Year celebrations is going to the beach. 

"We jump seven waves after the clock strikes midnight," Clara states. 

Every wave that is jumped over is equivalent to one wish for the new year. It is a sign of good luck. 

Eating lentils in Brazil is a sign of good luck and good fortune. People believe lentils bring good energy for the year. Similar to Peru, eating grapes is also an important part of New Year's traditions. People eat twelve grapes when the clock strikes midnight for good luck. 


Having family in both India and the United States, my family loves to celebrate. 

My family both in the United States and India celebrate the New Year with large parties.  

There are large celebrations with family friends. These celebrations include celebratory drinks, delicious food, and enjoying fireworks in the community. 

There are a variety of ways to celebrate the New Year, throughout the world. Here at Steppin Out Adventures, we are excited to share our own traditions and celebrate together at our New Year Virtual Event.  

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