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Travel and COVID
November 2020

Whenever people used to ask me about whether they should buy travel insurance, I tell them about the guy who broke his leg playing basketball the day before our Peru trip and he had insurance to cover it and about the family who didn’t have travel insurance and had to end their their two week South Africa trip after four days because of an unexpected death in the family.  It’s a choice.. But if you’re spending thousands of dollars, I tend to feel the extra $150ish is worth it.  

Now COVID has put an additional consideration into the picture. People are seeking travel insurance in case they have to cancel because they don’t know what the virus will look like. However, beware, most travel insurance policies are excluding COVID as an unexpected event and are not covering it. it's all about the details and reading the fine print of each policy to find the best plans. We have gathered the most important issues to consider while buying travel insurance. 

  1. Cancellations and Refunds: Beware of Cancel for Any Reason 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the best way to protect against unforeseen cancellations is to purchase additional “Cancel For Any Reason” insurance. Some travel insurance companies provide “Cancel for Any Reason” plans, however these plans differ from “Cancel Anytime” plans. For example, Allianz Global “Cancel Anytime” plan allows for up to 100% reimbursement of trips costs, however it excludes “known, foreseeable, or expected events, epidemics, and government prohibitions” (Allianz Global). They do not guarantee coverage of resort closures and quarantines due to COVID-19. If the travel company does offer Cancel for any reason, make sure you ask about COVID. If they cover it, it is probably worth the extra dollars to get it during this pandemic. But you should buy it quickly after you purchase your trip. Some companies will only let you buy it within a small window of purchasing. 

  1. Virus Exposure and Quarantine 

Most travel insurance companies that we explored will not cover you if you get or are exposed to COVID before or during your trip.  Don’t assume that if they cover illnesses that prevent you from traveling that COVID is one of them. In most cases like Allianz Global they count that as a known event and not an unexpected illness. There are some travel companies that do, but we did our research and found a number of those were not reliable or reputable companies.  That is why Steppin’ Out has chosen to work with Travelex, a Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance partner with high review.  if you want to review their information check the home page of our website of our website or get a quote here  

  1.  Medical Coverage

Some travel destinations abroad have new medical coverage requirements for incoming travelers. Confirm the medical coverage requirements you’ll need before you buy a travel insurance plan.If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and require hospitalizations or additional medication attention, insurance companies also have policies to cover medical emergencies related to COVID-19. Travelex Insurance Services can provide emergency medical/evacuation coverage if you contract the virus while traveling. It covers you if you get or are exposed to COVID-19 right before or during your trip. If you are quarantined in a hospital based on doctor’s orders, they will also cover this in a claim. 

At Steppin Out Adventures, we are thrilled to offer travel insurance through Travelex. This travel insurance covers many COVID-19 related concerns. Check out the informational sheet on our website for more about our upcoming trips and Travelex Travel Insurance.  

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Travel Insurance: The best you can do to prepare for the unexpected. Whether you're signing up for our trip or others, or just traveling on your own, be protected
Not sure whether to travel? We have you covered. This one also covers you if you get or are exposed to COVID right before or during your trip.
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