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corporate servicesSteppin' Out Corporate Adventures

Steppin' Out Forges Successful Work Teams Through Adventure and Fun

Since When Does Recreation and Fun Increase the Bottom Line?!!!

When you use them strategically to develop successful work teams! Your business depends on the good people you hired, don't pacify them with a standard night out at a bar. Do something worthwhile that will make your employees feel appreciated! We offer team building events that can be a few hours, a full day, a weekend trip and even incentive trips that can be a week or two.

Remember, Adventure doesn't mean roughing it, it means stepping outside the box, and isn't that what you want your incentive program to be?

  • Steppin' Out has the formula to design a fun event or adventure (indoor or outdoors) programs to meet the specific needs of your organization.
    It's amazing how much you can learn about the people you work with when you re solving a puzzle together on a scavenger hunt, white water rafting as a team, or even rock climbing. Our activities mirror real life experiences. The activities and team challenges we present are not ends in themselves, rather they are tools to help you examine the specific dynamics and relationships within your team. By helping one another learn and work through training obstacles, your team will develop skills that can be applied in your workplace.
  • Steppin' Out's Organizational Development Division offers programs to help people gain the awareness, skills, and experience needed to develop effective working relationships.
    The focus of all programs is geared toward fostering teamwork, risk taking, group decision making and innovative problem solving. Of course having fun and fostering a good feeling among employees is always key.
We can adapt our events to meet any challenge, whether it be to:
  • Help an existing team look at old problems in a new way
  • Promote group decision making
  • Foster camaraderie among new hires
  • Help new management pull together as a group
  • Enhance a get-away retreat
  • Kick-off a strategic planning seminar
  • Serve as an award ceremony
  • Boost Morale
  • Entice potential new associates

Below are some successful sample adventures and conducive environments to hold them:


A) Get A Way Resort Retreat:  Are you looking to thank your employees for a job well done?  Try gathering in a small, quaint town with a beautiful countryside and/or waterfront.  During the course of the four days (including travel days), an array of recreational events and entertainment can be arranged.  Activities can include biking, golfing, canoeing, sailing, wine making or sushi making classes, horseback riding and high ropes courses.  Evenings can be an outdoor concert or sunset cruise. Accommodations are in bed and breakfasts or nice hotels.


B) Back to Camp:  Want to create a safe environment that will stimulate ideas?  challenge employees? pull together a team? Similar to the get-away retreat, with a more camp feel.  While the resort retreat can take advantage of small town entertainment and external activities, the camp concept concentrates on being together, generally more bonding opportunity. It doesn t have to be at a camp per se (although we have a beautiful one in places like Malibu) but more remot.. Activities can run the gamut from all outdoor sports kayaking, canoeing, tennis, swimming, archery, horseshoes, to arts and crafts, late night bonfires, scavenger hunts, night hikes, and talent shows.


C) Sport Specific:  Looking to foster a shared-environment experience amongst employees?  In two days you can do a white water rafting trip, a rock-climbing trip, a biking trip, sailing trip or kayaking trip.  


D) Destination Specific: Sometimes it s just taking advantage of an area that creates the event, whether it is Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, Sedona, Telluride, Yosemite, Moab, or Martha s Vineyard.   If there s a place you want to go, we ll figure out the adventures best suited for the area.


Please contact Steppin Out if you would like references from previous customers.  We are happy to share our successes!

Through active collaboration with our clients, we provide services and programs to give you and your employees the tools you need to succeed----Tools that encourage self confidence and communication---Tools that teach teams to operate effectively under stress---Tools that cultivate skills like creativity and leadership.
What participants learn from adventure-based programs:
  • Perceived obstacles can be overcome with some effort
  • Relying on others is not a sign of weakness
  • When no one on a team has ever done something before, everyone is on equal footing
  • Some impossible feats only look impossible

Steppin' Out is a nine year old company consisting of experienced and dedicated professionals who work with corporations that are, or are striving to be, leaders and innovators in their fields.

Please Contact Us To Find Out More!

And because we have so many years putting together Adventure Travel Trips, we can certainly put together an amazing trip to award your top employees. Remember, adventure doesn't mean "roughing it" , it means doing something outside the box and wouldn't you like your incentive travel program to be just that?

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